Mast Investment Letter June 2020

Government management within executive, legislative and financial agency branches utilize a plateau strategy for people and the economy. The strategy, both for human health and economic strength, regulates the flow of trauma within the capacity of healthcare and financial systems. If not for the sudden economic trauma, the excessive build up of debt and illiquidity may have been resolved over many years with slow growth in excess of low interest rates. For investors, it is difficult with conventional metrics to monitor and to measure risk and valuation. Wealth management is not investment management and financial stories are unhinged from useful and determinant data. This is especially evident with record-breaking declines in labor, economic activity and corporate earnings. Market-based expected returns provide excellent measurements for monitoring financial assets during unprecedented economic, business and market data. For equity valuation decisions how will operating earnings and normalized earnings perform related to volatile stock prices? At which equity price levels will the emotional financial story tellers mismatch asset prices related to earnings, dividends and yields? We report this information every week, and chart it back to 1959. Informed and opportunistic investors are approaching excellent, generational opportunities. How will emotional stories identify those moments of best opportunity?







Mast Market Analysis Data Report 06/26/20

Market Analysis Data. This includes price behavior trading range position, trending price direction and degree of change, trend and trailing earnings, dividends, comparative interest rates and trends, expected returns, risk premiums and historical (generally back to 1959) averages. We maintain all the data and models which are summarized on Market Analysis Data. This is a source of Mast investment allocation decisions and regular reports and studies which consider current conditions and factors of recent and notable change or exception.