The Mast Weekly Report provides information, analysis, and advice to investors, investment advisors, investment consultants and financial planners to help them in the management of their investment portfolios. The Report covers topics on financial markets and the economy that are pertinent to how and why markets and the economy perform as they do. Topics discussed are supported with specific and pertinent information and metrics.

Rates of return on the investment portfolios of long-term investors are primarily determined by how assets are allocated among major classes of financial assets. Thus, asset allocation is a major topic covered in the Reports. Mast’s main focus in managing client portfolios is on asset allocation. Our investment process is based on analysis that importantly includes known market information and data that reflect and quantify investors’ expected rates of return for major assets classes. This results in an approach to managing investment portfolios that is intentionally based on and driven by objective analysis and data, as opposed to subjective opinions and forecasts. The objective of Mast Weekly Reports is to provide this information, analysis, and advice to investors, advisors, consultants and planners to help them in the management of their investment portfolios.

Mast Month Reports provide the same information coverage over the preceding month. Mast Special Reports cover analysis of a specific investment management factor or topic.

Mast Report Month 07/29/22

S&P 500 Index 5-year annualized expected real return 2.34% versus 5.81% historical average ERR...

Mast Report Week 07/22/22

Relative asset class valuations adjust to unique prevailing conditions...

Mast Report Week 07/15/22

Market-based expectations not favorable for quick S&P 500 Index price return to previous highs...YTD long-Treasury bond price -24% YTD....

Mast Report Week 07/08/22

Long TIPS Yield 1.03% is the highest since 3/15/19...ERP 2.96% lowest since 3/15/19

Mast Report Month 06/30/22

In current investment environment investors should require higher ERP and higher future expected returns...

Mast Report Week 06/24/22

Rising TIPS Yield 0.81% Contributes to Lower ERP...Year Ahead Stock and Bond Returns Only 1-2%

Mast Report Month 05/31/22

Short term asset class assessments and expectations generally unattractive...Longer-term below average real and nominal returns...

Mast Report Special 05/20/22

Growth and value stock relative price performance is explained in recent periods by change in the real risk-free long-Treasury TIPS yield change...