Reports and Portfolio Recommendations

Mast Report Week provides a weekly review of financial markets and recently issued reports on the U.S. economy. Topics of current interest and importance are also discussed.

Mast Report Investment Strategy provides a monthly report of financial asset and economic relationships which determine index allocations, addition or reduction.

Market Analysis Data. This includes price behavior trading range position, trending price direction and degree of change, trend and trailing earnings, dividends, comparative interest rates and trends, expected returns, risk premiums and historical (generally back to 1959) averages. We maintain all the data and models which are summarized on Market Analysis Data. This is a source of Mast investment allocation decisions and regular reports and studies which consider current conditions and factors of recent and notable change or exception.

Mast Special Reports cover topics of quarterly or annual availability: Earnings, Economy, Expectations, Federal Reserve Bank, Funds Competitive Review.

Stock Assessments consider 1650 stocks and their expected returns related to benchmark indexes. These expected returns are calculated for one-year and five-year periods of time and are derived from price behavior, valuator, and (uniquely) risk models. Similar to our index measurements, earnings are smoothed for their unique cyclical trends and more recent results compared to long-term results. Stock assessments are updated and provided weekly. When reading Stock Assessment Reports, please refer to this Stock Assessment Report Guide.

Benchmark Portfolios provide exact allocations on risk-adjusted benchmark index portfolios monthly, and immediately upon allocation changes. Information includes index expense ratios, yields, and for fixed-income indexes: duration, credit and overall risk scores.

Bond Funds Summary provides monthly fixed-income indexes and funds, their credit and duration risks, expense ratios and yields to maturity.

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